Aleksandar Uzelac

jazz pianist, composer, educator

Aleksandar is finishing jazz master’s program at McGill University in Montreal, where he is currently working as a course instructor of Jazz Ear Training. He was born in Novi Sad, Serbia, where he obtained another master’s degree in classical piano performance. He has very solid and successful training in one of the strongest classical piano traditions in existence today, with roots both in the great Russian tradition and the Austro-Hungarian influence also very much in evidence at the Art Academy of the University of Novi Sad. His eclectic interests led him towards playing world/gypsy music, pop, chamber, classical piano duo and jazz music projects. 

He is passionate about music and piano, jazz and classical pedagogy. He has more than 15 years of experience as a piano teacher of classical and jazz theory and practice. 

Being a pianist and composer across multiple music genres, including jazz, contemporary classical music, free improvisation and experimental practices, he follows the guidance of his inner ear and the unpredictable flow of a wide range of human emotions. In his pieces, he aspires to create a connection between music and other elements such as human language and urban sounds. Applying interdisciplinary ideas into new art shapes, his musical vocabulary develops in many different directions, toward improvisation and composition.

Check out Aleksandar’s debut album “Lullaby for outrage” featuring Carlos Mal-Cisne on bass, Claude Lavergne on drums, and Aleksandar on piano. The album contains 6 tracks ranging from lively Jazz to some more visceral experimental pieces.

For private lessons via Zoom/Skype, reach out via contact form.